Easily Create Custom Thumbnails
For Your YouTube Videos!

YouTube Slicer is a web based app that allows you to create beautiful and professional looking thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

Nothing to download or install. No hosting necessary. You get your very own Slicer to create your own custom thumbnails.

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How YouTube Slicer Makes Thumbnail Design Easy...
...And Makes You Look Like A Professional Designer
  • Use Your Own Images

    Simply select images from your computer and upload.

  • Editable Templates

    Just point, click & start editing inside the software.

  • Built for YouTube

    Perfect for creating the right thumbnail for your videos.

  • Upload to YouTube

    Once done, just upload to your YouTube video.

Here's Just Some of the Powerful
YouTube Slicer Features…

Drag & Drop: You can drag and drop one or multiple images simultaneously right in to the YouTube Slicer Pro.

Cropping Tool: Crop your images and get rid of unnecessary wasted space. Keep only want you want people to see.

Add Text: You can personalize your Thumbnail Image by adding a line of text or multiple text if you choose to.

Edit Thumbnail Image: You can also edit, slice, and dice your Thumbnail image area for your apps.

Resizing Tool: Resize your images left to right, top to bottom, from corner to corner, to the exact size you want.

Color Wheel: Change to background color of the entire Thumbnail area.

Start Designing Your Thumbnail Now!
Order Now For JUST $5 And Get Instant Access
Ready To Use Templates

Choose from one of 80 (and counting) custom thumbnail and background image designs. These designs are based on some of the most popular thumbnail designs on YouTube.

Simply browse through the thumbnail templates and choose the design you want. The template will then open up inside the slicer and you can change any element you desire. From color, text and fonts, everything can be changed and updated.

You can even save you project for a later date or save it as your own customized template for future use.

Not Sure Where To Start?
Just Choose One Of Our Professionally Designed Templates


With Over 80 Templates and Background Images, and More Added Monthly... You Can't Go Wrong
Start Designing Your Thumbnail Now!
Order Now For JUST $5 And Get Instant Access

Looking for even more features?
No problem, check these out…

Support: Our Tube Slicer Support Team are here to help 24/7 for any help you need or questions you might have.

Easy to Follow Training & Tutorials: Available to you are easy to follow video tutorials to guide you in creating your YouTube thumbnails.

Download Images: You can easily download your finalized thumbnails or save them as drafts to work on them later.

Full Customizable Interfaces: You pretty much have full control of how you can customize your images.

Font Styles and Sizes: You have a variety of font styles to choose from as well as change the size of your fonts.

Rotate and Flip: You can easily rotate and flip your imaged vertically or horizontally.

Start Designing Your Thumbnail Now!
Order Now For JUST $5 And Get Instant Access
  • Q: Does the Tube Slicer Work On Mac?
  • A: Yes. The Tube Slicer is a web based app and works on all Mac, Windows, and on any computer.

  • Q: Do I need any other software or tools to use the Tube Slicer?
  • A: No. You don't need any other tool or software to use the Tube Slicer.

  • Q: Do I need to install this app on my website?
  • A: No. The Tube Slicer is a web based app. You will receive login details with your own personal unique username and password.

  • Q: Can I use this for multiple YouTube Designs?
  • A: Yes. You do not need to purchase additional copies or licenses of Tube Slicer.

  • Q: Is there any watermarks I need to remove?
  • A: No. There are no watermarks of any kind.

  • Q: How quickly do I get access to Tube Slicer?
  • A: Our ordering process is safe, automated and instant. As soon as you purchase, you get instant access.

With Some of Your Questions Answered,
It's Now Time to Get Your Tube Slicer
Start Designing Your Thumbnail Now!
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Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

No hoops, loops, or holes to jump through. Absolutely no hassles what so ever. If you don't like it, we will give you 100% of your money back.